Use Sets on NeuroMatic’s panel (5) if you need to perform data analysis on subsets of your data. For example, check waves as Set1 if synaptic responses lead to an action potential, or check waves as Set2 if they were acquired in a different drug condition.

Once your Sets have been defined, use NeuroMatic’s Wave Select drop-down menu (7) to select a Set of waves to analyze. For example, you could select Set1 and then select the Average button on the Main Tab.

SetX is a special Set used to exclude data from all analysis. SetX is useful if you have bad traces that need to be discarded.

>> NeuroMatic Sets are no longer waves containing 1’s and 0’s, but string variables containing lists of wave names, for example “RecordA0;RecordA5;RecordA12;RecordA19;”. These string variables reside within Wave Prefix Subfolders.

Sets Panel

To open the Sets Panel, select NM/Sets/Edit Panel (5). A panel should appear as shown below.

Use the top drop-down menu to select a Set to edit. The Set will appear in a table to the right which can be directly edited. Enter 1’s to include in the Set, or 0’s to exclude.

Or use the Define controls to define a range of values and then select Execute.

Or use the equation (=) controls to Equate, “And”, or “Or” two or more Sets.

Use the button controls to Clear or Invert a Set, or create a New Set.

If Auto Save is on, the default mode, the contents of the Sets table will automatically be converted to a list of string names and saved in the appropriate Sets string variables in the appropriate Wave Prefix Subfolder. Otherwise you will need to click Save to perform this operation.