Creating Functions/Macros

By default, NeuroMatic function commands are printed to Igor’s Command/History Window (Igor Menu/Windows/Command Window). NeuroMatic commands can also be printed to a notebook (NM/Configs/NM Tab/CmdHistory/notebook). NeuroMatic commands typically begin with “NM”, for example:

    NMMainGraph( color=“rainbow” )
    NMSet( tab=“Stats” )
    NMStatsSet( win=0, fxn=“Max” )

Notice the commands include a list of input variables. Because the commands are in executable format, they can be simply copied and pasted into your own functions or macros (Igor Menu/Windows/New/Procedure...).

To find out more about a NeuroMatic command, such as input variable options, unhide NeuroMatic’s procedure files (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Procedures/Unhide), click on the NeuroMatic command of interest, right-click and select “Go to ...”.

Incorporate your functions into the Demo Tab for easy access, or create your own tab using the Demo Tab as a template.

To create your own function for analyzing the currently selected waves, see the NeuroMatic procedure file NM_DemoTab.ipf (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Procedures/Tabs/NM_DemoTab.ipf). Functions of interest are NMDemoLoop, NMDemoLoopThruChanWaves and NMDemoLoopThruFolders.

Occasionally NeuroMatic commands become deprecated. If you use a deprecated function in one of your own functions or macros, a message will be printed to Igor’s history window informing you of the deprecation and which function you should use instead. Use the “Find Deprecated Procedures” function to locate deprecated functions used in your own functions (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Procedures/Find Deprecated Procedures/All). All of NeuroMatic’s deprecated functions can be found in the procedure file NM_Deprecated.ipf (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Procedures/Misc/NM_Deprecated.ipf).