Use Groups on NeuroMatic’s panel (6) to categorize your data if it was acquired as a repeating sequence (01230123…) such as a current-voltage relation repeated several times, or paired-pulse data acquired at several intervals. Consider for example a current-voltage stimulus protocol with 10 different voltage steps repeated 15 times resulting in 150 waves. Setting the number of groups to 10 via the Groups Define function will allow you to analyze each voltage step independently.

Once your groups have been defined, use NeuroMatic’s Wave Select drop-down menu (7) to select a group of waves to analyze, such as “Group0”, “Group1” or “All Groups”.

>> Groups are no longer saved in a wave called Groups, but in string variables containing lists of wave names, for example “RecordA0;RecordA3;RecordA6;RecordA9;”. These string variables reside within the Wave Prefix Subfolders.

Groups Panel

To open the Groups Panel, select NM/G/Edit Panel (6). A panel should appear, as shown below, that contains a wave containing group numbers on the right. You can enter the group numbers manually here.

Or use the Sequence controls to define a group sequence, such as 01230123... If your groups follow an unusual sequence, such as 03120312…, enter your sequence (i.e. “0;3;1;2;”) and select Execute.

If “Auto Save” is on, the default mode, the contents of the Groups table will automatically be converted to a list of string names and saved in the appropriate Groups string variables in the appropriate Wave Prefix Subfolder. Otherwise you will need to click Save to perform this operation.