To edit NeuroMatic Configurations, click the “Configs” checkbox on the bottom of NeuroMatic’s control panel (see image below). Click on a tab to edit its configurations. For example, the image below shows configuration variables for the Stats Tab. Click the “NM” Tab on the far right to edit general NeuroMatic Configurations, such as WriteHistory, SaveDataPath, ImportPrompt, etc.

Once you have finished editing your Configurations, you can save them for future use (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Configurations/Save). Configurations are saved to a hard disk drive as an Igor packed experiment file with extension “pxp”. If you save them within NeuroMatic’s folder (default option) your Configurations will automatically be loaded once NeuroMatic starts. If you save them elsewhere, you can load your Configurations manually (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Configurations/Open).

You can save all of NeuroMatic’s Configurations in a single file or in multiple files. Create, for example, multiple Configuration files for the Stats Tab, for different analyses, and then open the particular Stats Configuration you need at a given time.

>> Auto Save and Open – NeuroMatic configurations can now be automatically opened and saved (Igor Menu/NeuroMatic/Configurations/Turn Auto Configs On). Once Igor starts, NeuroMatic configurations will automatically be opened from the user’s Package folder. After editing NeuroMatic configurations, they will automatically be saved to the user’s Package folder. The Package folder directory will be printed to the Igor History/Command Window (Igor Menu/Windows/Command Window).