Clamp Folders

Clamp Folder

All necessary variables and waves pertaining to data acquisition and the Clamp tab control interface reside in the root:Packages:NeuroMatic:Clamp folder. Folders and variables can easily be viewed using Igor Pro’s Data Browser (Igor Menu/Data/Data Browser) as shown above.

Stim Folders

Individual Stimulus Protocols reside in the root:NMStims folder. If you are creating your own stimulus waves (i.e. MyDAC or MyTTL waves) you will need to place your waves inside the correct stimulus folder. Above, three stimulus protocols are shown: Vstep, IV and Random100Hz.

Notes Folder

The Clamp Notes Folder resides in the root:Packages:NeuroMatic folder and contains all numeric and string note variables created by NeuroMatic and the user. Before recording, this folder is copied to the current NeuroMatic Data Folder and the current log folder.

Log Folders

Clamp Log Folders reside in the root:NMLogs folder and contain a copy of each Notes Folder for a particular cell number, and can be displayed as either a table, notebook or both.

NeuroMatic Data Folders

See NeuroMatic Data Folders and the Clamp File Tab.