NeuroMatic is a collection of Igor Pro functions for analyzing and acquiring electrophysiological data. By allowing users to organize their data into Sets and Groups, NeuroMatic makes it relatively easy to compute transformations and statistical analyses on their data, including scaling, alignment averaging, baseline subtraction, spike detection, stationarity analysis, rise-time computations, etc. Being open source and modular designed, NeuroMatic also allows users to develop their own analysis functions that can be easily incorporated into NeuroMatic’s framework.

Note, if you have reached this page in search of a freeware tool for neuronal reconstructions, you are more likely to be interested in Neuromantic, a software package that sounds like NeuroMatic, but is not quite the same.

Download NeuroMatic v2.00 (released 15 Sept 2008)

Features of NeuroMatic Include

  • Sorting, Scaling, Averaging, Interpolation
  • Max / Min / Mean / Level / Rise Time / FWHM / Slope Measurements
  • Stability / Stationarity Analysis
  • Event Detection
  • Waveform Template Matching
  • Spike Raster Plots
  • Interspike-Interval and Peri-Stimulus Time (PST) Histograms
  • Compact Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Modular design as a basis for your own procedures
  • Extra space for your own buttons and controls
  • Import functions for Axograph and Pclamp data
  • Automatic macro generation for batch processing

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All code distributed on this webpage was written by Jason Rothman. The author takes no responsibility for its use or misuse. Copies of this code should be distributed with their original NeuroMatic identification headers. Any code derived from NeuroMatic should not be sold for commercial purposes. Please cite the use of NeuroMatic whenever possible


Thanks to the many users, and those at University College London, for their helpful comments.

Parts of NeuroMatic were funded by:

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